Decoration: Polidec


Polidec brought all the experiences gained in polyurethane precast systems, galvanized lightweight steel construction and furniture production within the construction sector turnkey projects that have operated from past to present, under the same roof of Poli Mimarlık Dekorasyon A.Ş.

All products produced under Poli Mimarlık A.Ş, world’s most sophisticated, luxurious and modern interior and exterior designs, have been put into service in Azerbaijan, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, South America, Latin America, Palestine, Macedonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Suriname, Ghana and Nigeria. Our unique designs, personalized production and our state-of-the-art labor which show the sophistication of modern architecture and reflect the magnificence of Arabian palaces, are merging with the architectural craftsmanship of the Poli Dekorasyon A.Ş team. Our full team experts, quality control team take on the task of control and inspection in all operations in every stage from design to production, setup and delivery, by controlling all your projects properly. By using the price advantage of being producer in turnkey interior and exterior design, we offer special facilities regarding furniture, decoration and covering materials, and polyurethane precast systems. Our team that gathers different concepts and provides alternative and natural comfort offering living solutions, accessible design philosophy, quality and durability and elegance, by its wide product range from dining rooms to teen rooms, textiles, lighting and accessories, offers also service with state-of-the-art factories in İstanbul Dudullu and Pendik.

Since 1989, we offer the best quality services with our construction, polyurethane precast systems and furniture production experiences, architects, engineers and technical staff.

Why Choose This Product

The quality of paints varieties of options, application surfaces and uses are what defines the of the paint product. But what is more important is the quality control of the manufacturing.

As in Permolit, quality of the paints is their mere concentration, with a full equipped Research & development LAB inside the factory to check the quality of the raw materials and the finished product.

  • Great Technology
  • Delivery On Time
  • Expert Engineers
  • Creative Architecture
  • 24/7 Support

Many brands manufacture paints, but onty few companies that really focus on the quality of their products more than the quantity of producing.

Our Work Benefits

The benefits of our work blooms after years of usage or application, as the product successfully achieve the expectations of the customers. All the products are Environment friendly with zero emissions or any harmful chemicals blended in. And due to the high quality of the product, it also saves energy, doesn't absorb heat, and doesn't grow molds or fungus.